Golden Goose Shoes styles

Golden Goose Shoes styles



Pair them with your favorite leggings and oversized Golden Goose Sale sweatshirts, or high-waist denim and cropped sweaters. Which pair would you choose?

"In 2007, there wasn't a fashion sneaker like Golden Goose," says Marina Larroude, the fashion director at Barneys New York, of the Superstar sneaker. "There were the sportswear brands and then the high-end fashion houses who produced very precious sneaker Golden Goose Shoes styles, but there was no real in-between. Golden Goose filled that void by providing a fashion sneaker that look polished and cool, but was not too precious."

Luxury brands like Gucci, Prada, and Lanvin have always offered their take on fashion sneakers. And the early 2000s saw the rise of Isabel Marant's wedge sneaker and Christian Louboutin's studded slip-ons, both of which, objectively speaking, were um, a lot on the eyes. But at the time, some of the only young sneaker brands on the luxury market were Golden Goose and Common Projects, which introduced clean leather sneakers that embodied a kind of quiet preciousness, Golden Goose Superstar also known as minimalism.