DM0863-300 Nike Air Huarache Next Nature Will Be Available Soon

DM0863-300 Nike Air Huarache Next Nature Will Be Available Soon


2020 Cheap Jordans, The Nike Air Huarache running shoes, which were born in 1991, are still outdated even today, with a comfortable foot feel and excellent breathability, making them a pair of summer treasure shoes. Recently, Nike has added a new color scheme to the Air Huarache and released the official image. The whole shoe is presented in tan + olive green. At first glance, there is a sense of "Japanese courtyard", which is somewhat similar to the "surprised silence" style featured in Nike's recent products. Different from the previous all-silk inner boots, this time, the leather frame and woven fabric are used to create the toe and mid-section, and only the delicate and high-grade silk inner boots are retained at the tail section, bringing a rich layer of the shoe body. As a bright accent to the entire pair of shoes, the fluorescent green Air Huarache logo on the tongue echoes the tonal Move to Zero pinwheel pattern on the insole. Ink-like colored particles can be seen in the midsole and outsole, as well as in the translucent shoe lift of the heel, which not only presents a unique aesthetic effect, but also shows that the shoes are made of environmentally friendly new materials, expressing the concept of sustainable development of the brand. . It is reported that the new Nike Air Huarache Next Nature will be released in the near future. The specific date and price have not been released yet. Friends who like it may wish to continue to pay attention to our follow-up reports!
New Jordan 2020, The Air Force 1 co-branded by Bi Li, which debuted last month, everyone must still be impressed. The number of exaggerated Velcro is impressive. However, the overly avant-garde shape also brings a higher difficulty in matching, and the current market price remains below the original price. Recently, there has been news that the Air Force 1 co-branded by Bi Li also has a new low-top version, and the physical map has also appeared on the Internet. In terms of color matching, the same mushroom color as the high top is used, and the earth color system is guaranteed to be versatile enough. The design is completely different, eliminating the Velcro element, using the common quilting process on bags, and the diamond upper bringing a fashion and luxury atmosphere. There are also irregular geometric flocked patches on the upper, with special exposed stitching, which injects a deconstructed design style into the shoe. An additional loop of nylon fabric edging is added at the connection between the upper and the midsole, which further enriches the visual layering and enhances the sophistication. The addition of the Bi Li high and low shoulder stickman Logo on the shoelace buckle and the addition of the joint insole are all routine operations to demonstrate the joint identity. At present, this new low-top version of Billie's joint Air Force 1 has no release related information released. It may meet with us later this year, and friends who like it may wish to continue to pay attention!
New Jordan Release, The lobster collection of the Nike SB Dunk Low can be said to be a household name colorway. Concepts, a well-known Boston shoe store, has teamed up with Nike to create this classic shoe ring. The most well-known among them is the "Purple Lobster", Concepts x Nike SB Dunk "Purple Lobster" launched by the two parties in 2018. Not only the special styles for the tenth anniversary of the cooperation between the two parties, but also stars such as Jay Chou and Owen have brought goods on their feet. Just recently, Concepts x Nike's lobster series is back again! This time it was a proper "cooked lobster". The whole shoe continues the previous suede material of the lobster series, using the orange color of the cooked lobster as the main color, which is very eye-catching and recognizable at the same time.


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