NBA Nike Air Force 1 Low Chile Red Release for Nike 75th Anniversary

NBA Nike Air Force 1 Low Chile Red Release for Nike 75th Anniversary


To celebrate its diamond (75th anniversary) anniversary, the NBA and Cadysneaker have launched a series of celebratory products. After displaying the three-color Nike Air Force 1 High series, the series applied a similar color palette to its low mix. This Air Force 1 low consists of a gray mid-panel, lace and heel tabs with the same shaded channels. Elsewhere, butter black leather offsets the gray, while the vibrant "Chile Red" profile Swooshes adds a popular color. The sharp red color also appears on the stitching of the midsole of the "Sail" shoe, which is a detail that the AF 1 high-fitting shoe does not have. The diamond etched on the silver lace dubrae and the special 75th anniversary brand on the tongue label make this holiday style reach a milestone in time. For Billie Eilish, this year is truly extraordinary. The singer has no shortage of praises in recent headlines, and she is even about to start her first collaboration with Jordan Brand. If you wish to pick a silhouette-Trapeze Jordan 1 KO or Trapeze Jordan 15-then be prepared, because they are about to enter the Nike SNKRS virtual shelf. With enthusiasm, Eilish claims that AJKO is her. Its colors are bold, full of "Volt" and further emphasize the artist's hand-painted logo. More importantly, its construction does not use animal products at all, which is in line with the personal ideals of its creators. Elsewhere, the Air Jordan 15 has similar ethics, although its vegan material is rendered more neutral because of the tan color palette.

Grant Taylor's Nike SB sports jacket Low GT is back again, this time with a new red makeup and some speckled gum bottoms. 2021 Yeezy Boost,Although the latter is largely standard, it is dotted with white and black spots, which is not much different from the "Move to Zero" product. In the picture above, the upper is dyed in terracotta, and when it transitions between suede, canvas and leather textures, it presents a different feeling. Adjacent, black neutral fills the gaps along the Swoosh, laces and GT brand. With the release of the "the Ten" series in 2017, Virgil Abloh and his Off-White brand played an important role in the combination of high-end fashion and sportswear. Since then, the Illinois native has shown his creativity through more Air Jordan collaborations, but he has brought his iconic zipper tie and Helvetica font to several Nike classics. Nike Air Force 1's "Lemonade" and Nike Air Zoom Tempo NEXT% are perfect choices for any daring fashion lover, while Nike Dunk Low's "Dear Summer" will suit any subtle but well thought-out "fit". These three options will immediately improve your wardrobe and can now be found in the link above.

The twists and turns quickly became the characteristic of the 2021Shoes . Next year, we can expect more, including the newly leaked Air Jordan 4 "Military Black". As its name implies, the color scheme is a slight blend of the beloved "Military Blue", replacing the aforementioned neutral tones with cool colors. According to the existing model, the color block is assumed to be the same as the original. Beyond the dark accents, such as heel tags, foxing, and support wings-the foundation should feel familiar with the white mesh and the adjacent light gray covering of the leather, lining, and outsole. What we see is another clean and simple two-color, which is expected to decline at the end of 2021 or early 2022. Although the specific color has not yet been revealed, this light gray pink/lavender is obviously made for women, which further proves that women will get better results on Dunk stick in 2021. Coastal blue, laser orange, and gray fog are just a sample of the color schemes made for xx-chromosomes, but when it comes to usability, the guys really can't complain.