How to choose a suitable sourcing agent for development?

Choosing the right sourcing agent requires methods and strategies. And the right sourcing agent can bring better business development and benefits for a company.


It is a skill to choose a sourcing agent with strength, good service attitude, high efficiency and suitable for oneself. When choosing a sourcing agent, many people pay most attention to the company’s sales status, but the choice of a sourcing agent should focus more on market effects. It is recommended that companies give priority to those sourcing agents with good trade records as exclusive sourcing agents or regional agents. For the agency, it is necessary to establish a reputation file and provide certain support in the business budget of the enterprise. Support content includes: price, advertising, after-sales service, spare parts, technical training, brand support and many other aspects.

Choosing a sourcing agent is like looking for a partner or a partner for a business. When selecting targets, we must strictly screen and conduct detailed investigations and evidence collection. To truly start cooperation, we must work hard to train and assist agents, and use various incentive policies to promote agents to develop business. Try to avoid all kinds of inappropriateness after formal cooperation. If the sourcing agent is really replaced, the initial expenses are wasted, and the business is out of gear during the replacement period. If he complains in the agent circle and causes fluctuations in the agent group, these are undesirable.

The sourcing agent has no size. The best is the one that suit for you. Many large sourcing agents will require policies. They don’t put you in the eye and threaten to change manufacturers at all times. You don’t need to do it. Some small sourcing agents actively cooperate and have a strong sense of development. With the support of the company, they can also quickly expand.

The selection criteria must have a global perspective. Choosing a business partner depends on whether it has the willingness to cooperate. In addition, the partner's business qualities (including business ethics, word of mouth, reputation, marketing awareness, and ability to serve offline customers) are also the key to deciding whether to choose.

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Companies must establish their own sourcing agent selection criteria, and implement this criteria to individuals as much as possible. The selection criteria of agents vary with different industries and regions, and generally include management capabilities, marketing awareness, strength, word of mouth, willingness to cooperate, etc.

There are the detil requirments:

1. Management ability

Considering the management ability of a sourcing agent is mainly to consider the three aspects of its capital management, personnel management, and logistics management.

2. Marketing awareness

Marketing awareness determines the fate of a sourcing agent. To judge whether an agent has marketing awareness, you can observe whether the sourcing agent is familiar with his own business situation, attitudes towards delivery, distribution, emphasis on distribution, emphasis on network construction, and periodic visits to sales points And customer service level, familiarity with the local market

3. Strength detection

Exploring the strength of a sourcing agent is mainly to examine its distribution capabilities, agent product line portfolio, inventory, financial information, popularity, warehouse area and management information capabilities.

4. Market capabilitie

Market capabilities mainly include the transaction status with key customers, the reason for dissolving the relationship with the original cooperating manufacturer or the reason for discontinuing cooperation with the previously cooperating company, the channel links and the market performance of the current products.

5. Business reputation

Word-of-mouth is the foundation of doing business. Especially in this competitive society, the cost of attracting new customers for a company is more than three times that of old customers. This shows the importance of business word-of-mouth to business. With a good reputation, various manufacturers will come to you to talk about agency.

The company needs to go through some demonstrations when selecting sourcing agents. You can refer to the relevant materials of "Qualified Suppliers" to establish an evaluation standard, and evaluate and score each applicant unit, and finally leave a few, look at the geographical distribution, and then The agency agreement is signed by the commercial department. The next step is to conduct annual evaluations to gradually improve the normative system, and learn from the past. The review generally does not involve corporate secrets, and none of the following are confidential.

There are some demonstrations to review a sourcing agent:

1. Through output value, taxation, and social security, the status of the agency can be reflected

2. The structure of personnel, the proportion of sales and after-sales service personnel can show the rationality of the company’s organizational structure

3. Whether you have the hardware requirements of the sourcing agent, such as warehouse, laboratory (maintenance), etc.

4. Whether there is a certain technical support and the qualifications of technical personnel

5. Area and number of customer groups, key data

6. The financial status of the past cooperation, the timeliness of the accounts, the key

7. Poor records of users, or records of sales and returns, and user interviews. Possible directions for improvement

8. The management system of the enterprise, if there is no system, then all the information may be unreliable.

And if we have any other requirement, we can increase according to the content of qualified suppliers. The selection of sourcing agents must follow some methods and techniques, and the choice must be purposeful, not blindly.