Quotation skills for Chinese trading companies

For Chinese trading companies, how to retain customers is one of their special products, and the other is the skill of quotation. How to make a reasonable price?


For Chinese trading companies, how to retain customers is one of their special products, and the other is the skill of quotation. If the quotation is low, the customer will think that this thing may not be very good, will they be fooled? If the quotation is high, the customer will be scared away, and the gain will not be worth the loss. Then how can the quotation make the customer more satisfied? This question It is also very disturbing for Chinese trading companies. Now I would like to share with you five tips on reasonable quotation for foreign trade.

1. Foreign trade transaction-preliminary work of quotation

Before quoting customers, China foreign trade trading companies must first have a better understanding of their products and prices, the main target markets and peer products and quotations. Then try to understand the customer's situation from as many aspects as possible, which will help the Chinese trading company to make better quotations.

2. Foreign trade transaction-actual analysis of quotation

For example, if a customer asks for a price from a Chinese trading company, the Chinese trading company should use as many channels as possible to understand which country and city the customer is from, whether it belongs to the target market of the product, and the customer's main product business scope and sales method. , Is it wholesale, retail or mail order, whether the customer is a big customer or a small middleman, the customer’s purchasing power and sincerity, the customer’s familiarity with the product, customer habits in different regions, etc., and then targeted quotation, that is, "personal quotation" .

If it is a large customer and the customer’s purchasing power is strong, the Chinese trading company can appropriately quote the price higher, and vice versa; if the customer is very familiar with the product and price, it is recommended to use the "contrast method" to highlight the advantages of their products and their peers Shortcomings.

the quotations of Chinese trading companies

3. Foreign trade transactions-quotation product factors

Of course, the price of a product is closely related to the quality of the product and the relationship between supply and demand. If the product quality of a Chinese trading company is relatively better, the price will definitely be higher; if the product of this Chinese trading company is in short supply in the market, of course it can quote a higher price; if the product style is relatively new, it is a new product, Usually the price is higher than that of a mature product.

4. Foreign trade transactions-other factors of quotation

Even for the same product, at different stages, due to market factors and quotas, the quotations of Chinese trading companies are different, such as petroleum and textiles.

5. Foreign trade transactions-comprehensive conditions for quotation

In addition, the Chinese trading company should also share the main transaction conditions such as delivery date, payment method, and order quantity at the same time as the quotation. That is, not just a question of price, but other conditions as an interaction. Maybe the customer attaches great importance to the delivery time. Originally, the delivery time reported by the Chinese trading company was 35 days, and the customer proposed 30 days for delivery, and the payment method was D/P at sight. When feasible, the general Chinese trading company can satisfy the customer. However, the payment method is L/C at sight as the exchange term.

The above are the quotation techniques of Chinese trading companies. Do you understand it?