Customs declaration process of Yiwu import and export goods

Customs declaration is an important part of import and export goods. Yiwu import export service and declaration process is rigorous, and there is generally no error.


In international trade, customs is a concern of almost all enterprises. Once this problem is not resolved, it will not only affect the cross-border cooperation between enterprises, but also create a series of problems. Acording to the importance of import export service, Yiwu import export service will solve these problems for you.

Yiwu import export service

1. Early stage

The early stage of Yiwu import export service is based on the customs' regulatory requirements for bonded goods, specific duty-free goods, temporarily permitted entry and exit goods, and other entry and exit goods. Before the goods enter and exit the country, the customs should go through the filing procedures.

2. Entry and Exit Stage

During the entry and exit stage of Yiwu import export service, in accordance with the customs supervision system on inbound and outbound goods, the customs will handle general import and export goods, bonded goods, specific duty-free goods, temporarily permitted entry and exit goods, and other inward and outward goods when entering and exiting the country. The following procedures.

(1) Import and export declaration

Electronic customs declaration services will be provided during the entry and exit phase of the voluntary import and export service. The "Customs Law" stipulates that the legal status of electronic declarations is determined, so that electronic data declaration forms and paper declaration forms have the same legal effect. Import and export goods shall be declared to the customs by Yiwu at the place of entry or exit of the goods. With the approval of the customs, voluntary import and export services will be declared at the place of departure or departure of the goods with customs.

(2) Cooperate with inspection

In the entry and exit phase of the voluntary import and export service, after the export declaration is completed, the customs staff will cooperate with the customs staff to carry out the cargo inspection. The inspection is generally carried out in the customs supervision area. For the import and export of bulk bulk, dangerous goods, fresh and live goods, and off-loading goods, Yiwu import export service will apply for them. The customs may also agree to conduct inspections at the unloading operation site.

When the customs decides to inspect, it will notify the inspection decision in the form of a written notice and agree on the inspection time. The inspection time is generally agreed within the normal working hours of the customs.

(3) Payment of taxes and fees

Tax payment means that the consignor or consignor of the import and export goods or their agent receives the tax payment notice issued by the customs to complete the tax payment procedures with the bank designated by the customs, and the bank pays the tax payment to the special customs account Work link.

(4) Picking up or shipping goods

After handling import declaration, cooperating with inspection, paying taxes and fees and other procedures, after the customs decides to release, take the import delivery certificate with the “release seal” stamped by the customs or the release notice sent by the customs through the computer system to the port area where the goods enter the country, Customs-supervised warehouses in airports, stations, post offices, etc., pick up imported goods or ship exported goods.

3. Follow-up stage

The follow-up stage of the Yiwu import export service is to go through the formalities of the customs for verification, cancellation of import and export goods, application for removal of customs supervision, etc. process.

Yiwu import export services are a complete set of guaranteed and responsible import and export trade services. Yiwu import export service have quality assurance, and will provide cooperative enterprises with the highest quality and most suitable services and assistance.