Custom Hair Extension Boxes/ An Easy Way to Make Your Gifts Safe & Secure

Custom Hair Extension Boxes are used to transport or store human hair weaves, wigs, and extensions.


Custom Hair extension boxes are made from sturdy cardboard which is strong enough to protect the goods inside. The boxes have interlocking tabs which make them strong and secure at the same time. These boxes can be customized according to your requirements as well.

You must consider this when selecting the packaging boxes for hair extensions. There are plenty of different shipping hair extensions in packs with various sizes and styles that will help you find the right package for your purchase.

Most importantly, some fantastic brands offer excellent quality containers, which is why they can be used by anyone looking for great gift boxes. Let us take a look at our favorite boxes which we often purchase:

  1. Duct Tape + Cut-Outs (DTCO)

Duct tape is the best choice if you want any hairstyling kit relevant to Custom Hair Extension Boxes because it offers an ideal way to store your hair extensions securely with no need to worry about damaging them. The cardboard box contains a paper insert and a plastic sheet protecting your products and keeping them safe.

The boxes come with four hairstyling kits that include everything required for hairstyling, including gluing and sewing. When purchasing boxes, you don't even need to worry about damage to your product and the shape of the box, while both sides feature the adhesive tape that helps you get your desired results quickly.

  1. Gift Box Made With Styrofoam Material

It does not take much time to use Styrofoam boxes as a gift that makes giving them for others quick. Styrofoam boxes can ensure your products stay protected, and share your friends that same box gift after receiving one. These Custom Hair Extension Boxes are made of styrofoam and have enough space where your brand name's logo can still shine through while ensuring your brand's image stays intact.

  1. Gelatin Plastic Packaging Boxes For Any Product

If you are thinking about getting yourself new customized boxes for hair extensions, I would recommend Gelatin Pouch boxes because you will receive one box containing nothing but gelatin plastic. This means that anything you put into it has the flexibility to absorb moisture. This type of box also provides the perfect size for most various sized hair extension boxes and styles of those boxes for hair extensions.

  1. Handmade Wooden Boxes

If you are thinking about buying boxes for hair extensions, wooden boxes are an alternative that will surely delight your customers. First of all, these boxes are incredibly long and heavy since they are handmade. And the wood construction of these Custom Hair Extension Boxes allows your precious boxes to last forever. Secondly, wooden boxes attract more attention than any other box type for hair extensions. It is also tough to break one box because they are handmade.

  1. Kraft Paper Packaging Boxes For Some Products

No one can deny that Kraft boxes are among the best gift boxes for hair extensions because of their durability to handle several types of beauty boxes, along with the fact that they also require little upkeep, unlike other packs made on glass paper. Also, because these boxes are incredibly light, lightweight, and shatterproof, this gift box option is mainly for hair extensions boxes.

  1. Durable Folding Boxes

One of the most critical aspects of buying custom printed boxes for hair extensions is their ability to stand the test of time. Especially when using fragile containers to handle, the boxes must be durable to ensure that they stay intact for years to come. Therefore, if you want boxes made from fiber boxes, check out Durable folding boxes.

  1. Expensive Stamping Boxes for Hair Extensions

When packing boxes for hair extensions, keep in mind that the packages are offered in luxury boxes that can stand against the market compared to cheaper yet similar boxes. Even though many brands offer boxes that cost less money to manufacture, other brands do not charge their packages.

The Customized Boxes

We are providing Custom Hair Extension Boxes to our clients. These boxes are manufactured using the finest quality of raw materials and the latest methods. Our products can be used in different ways as per the requirement of our clients. We offer these products at reasonable prices to customers.