Team Mimikyu in Pokemon Sword and Shield

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Mimikyu's statistical table is the main reason why many players want to put it in the team. Its imitation of Disguise's ability makes it a huge threat on the battlefield. Ghost-type Pokémon also became the most popular at the time. The dragon movements targeted by the Ghost and Fairy-type can be reflected in Mimikyu's special defense and speed and attack power data. Of course, like all Shiny Pokemon, Mimikyu also needs a reasonable approach.

Swords Dance is often a viable move selection for any physical attacker who could learn it. This non-offensive move enhances the user's attack stat by two whole stages, turning cuddly Pokemon paws into claws that rip and shred. Using Swords Dance is extremely great on Mimikyu as possible use on the primary turn for essentially free as the opponent is working with the Pikachu cosplayer's Disguise.

Play Rough is really a hard-hitting Fairy-type move that has a chance to lower the enemy's attack. This effect isn't that useful, however, because so many opponents who fiddle with Mimikyu turn out fainting in a hit. Unfortunately, this move is not a guaranteed hit with only 90% accuracy, so players might want to be careful when they are up against a Pokemon that may get off a robust hit should Mimikyu's intends to Play Rough become a mistake.

Even if Mimikyu's speed stat is its second-highest stat, you will still find plenty of Pokemon that outspeed it. That's what the priority move Shadow Sneak is good for! With the Same Type of Attack Bonus, this low-power move that tends to hits first is able to take care of most of the speedier threats that Mimikyu might ordinarily have trouble with.

Shadow Claw occupies this slot to finish the list. Shadow Claw can be another Ghost-type move, mainly because it has a higher base power as well as an exceptional critical hit rate. Unlike Rough Play, it's meant to take care of bulkier Pokemon that Shadow Sneak might do not a takedown.

However, for the purposes of a quick playthrough, you may choose to replace Shadow Claw to possess more coverage across your team. In that case, a move like Leech Life works with Grass-type Pokemon whilst healing Mimikyu, Wood Hammer can be handle Water, Ground, and Rock-type Pokemon, and Drain Punch for Normal, Rock, and Steel-type Pokemon.

Swords Dance, Play Rough, Shadow Sneak, Shadow Claw are actions that must be understood to use Mimikyu. Just like Buy Shiny Pokemon For Sale, you have to understand the prices and services on MMOSO. You can make other trainers fear your Mimikyu in a reasonable way and with the right steps.